Rare Portraits of Ethiopian Tribes

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New York-based Spanish art director and photographer Diego Arroyo has recently traveled to Ethiopia, capturing portraits of people from the Omo Valley tribes. Having traveled across the globe to photograph people from all walks of life, particularly those with special stories behind their powerful eyes, the photographer reached out to us to share new images of these secluded, lesser known men, women, and children in his aptly titled series Ethiopia One.

Arroyo tells us, “For years I wanted to photograph the people from the tribes in the remote Omo Valley, a place of exceptional anthropological value and amazing beauty. It was a fun and challenging journey full of adventures and great experiences during which I got to spend some time learning about the amazing cultural heritage of the ancient tribes in the region.”

The portraits of the Omo Valley people offer a look at individuals from a foreign culture, presenting their aesthetic differences while also revealing their basic similarities to the rest of the world. While their whole story isn’t literally told through the portraits, they provide an introduction.

The images, below, are only the first installment of Arroyo’s Ethiopia series. Part two is set to be released by November 12th. In the meantime, we were lucky enough to ask the photographer a few questions. That interview can be read, below.

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