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Door Headboard

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The next project of DIY headboard features an attractive door form an old furniture piece. As a bonus, it has a small shelve above. Great for all sorts of decorative objects . As we can see  the room’s theme contain also another great antique piece of bed stand . Matching lamps  on each side of the bed complement the stage for a stylish sleeping.{found on S Interior Design}.


What makes DIY headboards so interesting is the fact that they go beyond the basics and they usually also double as decorative pieces for the bedroom. It all started with a practical purpose, to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold. The designs then escalated and became more and more ornate and aesthetically pleasing.

Headboards are mostly decorative now, although they do have a certain amount of functionality. Some may feature built-in or hidden storage space which can be used for storing books and other items and some add cheer to the décor with their fun shapes. These 34 DIY ideas are not competing with each other. They are the best we could find and they’re all equally interesting.

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