DIY Garden Plant Markers

Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

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I hope you’ll find something to get your garden going in style! 

  1. Wooden Garden Makers from Monkey Lobster
  2. Hanger Garden Markers from At the Picket Fence
  3. Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers from Aunt Peaches
  4. Canning Lid Garden Plant Markers from AN Portraits
  5. Paint Stick Garden Stakes from Katy Harper
  6. DIY Shrinky Dink Garden Stakes from The American Homemaker
  7. Garden Rock Markers from A typical English Home
  8. Lettuce Make Garden Markers  from Michele Made Me
  9. Re-purposed Garden Stakes from Housing A Forest
  10. Flower Garden Stake from Mollie’s Mom
  11. Broken Pot Plant Markers from Hardly Housewives
  12. Brick Herb Markers from Simple Details
  13. Jewelry for Your Garden from In My Own Style
  14. Making Cute Garden Markers from The Magic Onions
  15. Our Veggie Garden Rock Markers from Lu Bird Baby
  16. DIY Chalkboard Plant Signs from Our Little Coop
  17. Scrap Wood Garden Signs from Kara’s Creative Place
  18. Dinosaur Plant Markers DIY from Punk Projects
  19. Garden Marker Craft Camp from Skip To My Lou
  20. Fuse Bead Plant Markers for the Garden from Apple Falls
  21. Plant Marker Craft from Food and Photography
  22. Plastic Knife Plant Markers from Apt Garden
  23. Painted Wooden Garden Signs from Not Just a Housewife
  24. Stick Seed Stakes from Homeroad
  25. Plastic Spoon Garden Markers from Sewing School

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